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Opinions / Editorials

Del Meyer, MD

Eleanor Rodgerson, MD

Charles B Clark, MD

John E Hendry, MD

Robert Toomey, LLD

Madeleine P Cosman, PhD, Esq


by Del Meyer, MD


                                                                                                       Contact Del Meyer, MD

Phone: (916) 488-5864


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by Madeleine P. Cosman, PhD, Esq


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by Eleanor Rodgerson, MD    former columnist and retired obstetrician/gynecologist



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by Charles B. Clark, MD
Graduated from the State University of Iowa in 1958. Completed residencies in general surgery at Kaiser Hospital in San Francisco and plastic surgery at Saint Louis University, St. Louis, Missouri. This was followed by a program for surgery of the hand with various individuals in the European countries. Licensed and practiced in Finland in 1977. Received a Juris Doctor degree from Lincoln Law School in 1984. Specializing in surgery of the upper extremity from 1967 until the present. Dr. Clark is an avid student of modern foreign languages and he is an enthusiastic wildlife photographer. His present address is Ten SierraGate Plaza, Roseville, CA. Telephone 916-772-0468.


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by John E. Hendry, MD



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by Robert E. Toomey, LLD


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